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The social part of the advanced biopsychosocial model. Part III: Semantic spaces in everyday life. Characteristics of human social interaction

Thomas Frölich, F F Bevier, Alicja Babakhani, Hannah H Chisholm, Peter Henningsen, David S Miall, Seija Sandberg, Arbogast Schmitt


In this last of our current series of articles, we describe social interactions in terms of the advanced model of biopsychosocial interaction. Developing the model was meant to explain a conceptual homogeneity overarching all its discretised parts. In effect, we can integrate all relevant contextual processes in understanding human experience and behaviour. Processes emerging from non-living entities, as well as those enacted by human beings, converge on a person and hence elicit combined results, even if they have been categorically distinguished before.


Biopsychosocial model, person-centered healthcare, sematic spaces, sense-making, sociology

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