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The social part of the advanced biopsychosocial model. Part II: Some basics, concerning volumes instead of points and lines

Thomas Frölich, F F Bevier, Alicja Babakhani, Hannah H Chisholm, Peter Henningsen, David S Miall, Seija Sandberg, Arbogast Schmitt


The basic concept applied in the previous articles differs from present concepts of time and space and hence will be dealt with in more detail in this and the paper which follows. As previously, the principal goal is to achieve an internal homogeneity of terms and concepts applicable for the three intellectually delineated realms of biological, psychic and social interactions. Since biological interactions are physicochemical in nature, the concept proposed will cover such interactions. We state that with the conventional model of neutral external space and time, no such logical and conceptual homogeneity can be achieved. To address interactions on a social level, the topic of the present series of articles, we need to refer to the axiomatic assumption outlined before, in discerning potential from realised processes. These processes will be shown here as being “bulky”, “voluminous” and any process’ moment as being “filled” and thus different from an empty point in time. Because, at the same time, we conceptualise time as consisting of individual moments and not as a pre-set pseudo-spatial continuity, or dimension, our approach does not simply install an extended “dimensionality”, as in describing n-dimensional vectors. Instead, the non-spatial volumes interact via mutual enclosure and a coherently centred processing, what is hard to describe and even harder to imagine. We will therefore devote much attention to these particular forms of interaction of dynamic volumes. In this way, we will profit from a unified approach to interactions on all levels concerned in an internally consistent model of biopsychosocial interaction.


Biology, biopsychosocial model, Cartesian duality, person-centered healthcare

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