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Process analysis by value stream management after trauma

Felix Robert Hoffmann, Johannes Marder, Lijo Mannil, Maurice Balke


Objective: This study aimed to clarify if value stream management is a suitable method to report and optimize medical treatment processes.

Method: The treatment process of a patient after trauma was retrospectively evaluated based on the institution-spanning patient record. Objective data from the treatment process were collected, abnormalities were detected and rated based on the prior findings.

Results: The treatment process includes abnormalities, which could cause serious risks. Repeated incorrect information within the treatment reports might have led to delays in the healing process.

Conclusions: Improved data management and improved networking of service providers could result in process improvement and a greater level of person-centered healthcare.


Electronic patient records, error detection, Lean Hospital, Lean Management, medical error, person-centered healthcare, process analysis, rehabilitation, trauma care, value stream management

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